Our justice system faces no greater risk than corrupt judges. That is why we are shocked and saddened to learn there are still no criminal charges against Richard W. Stanford, Jr., an Orange County Superior Court judge who was removed from the bench for fixing parking tickets. While some may feel the loss of his job was punishment enough, it is not. How can it not be a crime for a judge to interfere with the administration of justice? How can corruption in a public official not be a crime? How can there be orange jumpsuits for so many pot smokers but not one tailor made for one who betrays the robes of his duty? In the private sector, should the penalty for embezzlement simply be you lose your job? How is it different where, as here, a judge stole money due to the county for traffic fines? Does it matter that he did not keep the money but gave it as a benefit to friends and family? It is worth noting that two of the tickets he allegedly fixed were for his church pastor. Well, the fact that his own pastor even made the request gives us a clue about how Judge Stanford gets his morals.

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