“Parental Alienation, DSM-5, and ICD-11″ has been published by Charles C. Thomas Publisher Limited.  The book deals with the issue of parental alienation, and the need for its diagnosis to be included in the upcoming psychology standard “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition (“DSM-5″).  Parental alienation occurs when one parent turns the children against the other parent, sometimes to a degree where the children refuse contact with the target parent and emotionally repress/deny all positive memories.  The book was previewed in US News and World Report.  Warren Law Group attorney Randy Warren and researcher Lawrence Hellmann were among the committee of authors for this book, which originated out of Vanderbilt University’s School of Medicine.  Warren and Hellmann wrote the book’s section on parental alienation in the court system, and the need for the DSM-5 to document this malady.  ISBN 978-0-398-07944-4 hardcover and 978-0-398-07945-1 paperback.

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