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When it comes to navigating the complexities of family law in California, there’s no substitute for effective, reliable legal counsel. Having represented families throughout Northern and Southern California for nearly ten years, attorneys Lawrence Hellmann and Randy Warren have the knowledge and skill set necessary to help you and those you love achieve a brighter tomorrow.

Divorce is far more than the dissolution of a marriage. In addition to the emotional and financial considerations associated with terminating your relationship, you’ll also face difficult questions regarding the division of marital property, child custody arrangements, child support and alimony payments. Don’t let a personal tragedy derail your future — consult an experienced, compassionate family law attorney now.

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Child Custody

Unfortunately, there is nothing simple about a child custody dispute. Decisions regarding physical and/or legal custody must take into account the desires of each individual, from you and your former spouse or partner to the best interests of your child. If your family is currently mired in a nasty child custody battle, speak with an attorney from California’s premier family law firm.

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The team at the Hellmann Law Group understands that familial disputes are never easy. Whether you are considering filing for divorce or are currently engaged in a contentious child custody dispute, seasoned legal counsel is paramount to a worry-free future. Call the Hellmann Law Group to get started.

The attorneys at the Hellmann Law Group have been helping families from southern California for nearly a decade. If you are currently struggling with a family issue involving divorce and/or child custody, call (760) 306-4444 now.

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