Carlsbad is a southern California city located on the Pacific Ocean coast and in San Diego County. Approximately 115,000 people call Carlsbad home, though it is often populated by thousands of tourists at any given time.

A Brief History

Though native Americans had been living in the Carlsbad area beforehand, the first record of discovery was by Spanish explorers in the 1760s. The city truly got its start, however, in the 1880s when a sailor tapped a freshwater well and began offering water and other goods to passengers waiting or stretching their legs at the nearby train station. The water was so pleasing to the palate that chemical tests were performed, revealing it was remarkably similar to the water used at some of the world’s most popular spas. Hence, the name Carlsbad was adopted after the infamous spa in the Czech town of Karlsbad.

Carlsbad Today

Modern Carlsbad is primarily a resort and tourist destination. Attractions, aside from lounging on the beach, include Legoland, numerous skate parks, Aviara Golf Club and The Aviara Golf Academy, La Costa Resort and Spa, The Flower Fields gardens, the Museum of Making Music and much more. Carlsbad is referred to as the “Titanium City” because of the many golf manufacturing companies located there.

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